Hurley Chiropractic and Wellness Center is not a traditional chiropractic clinic. Extended hours, a strong community presence and a suite of health-and-wellness services have contributed to its success.

Dr. Christine Hurley said the practice has experienced consistent and significant growth since opening the Conway clinic in 1999. And it hasn’t slowed down. "In the last eight years, we’ve not had a year with less than a 30 percent increase. We went from being about a $200,000-a-year company to making over $2.5 million."

Dr. Hurley has been practicing chiropractic care for nearly 20 years. After obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, she purchased a clinic in Perryville and began seeing patients on Valentine’s Day in 1994. She and her husband lived in Conway and became involved in the community. "Pretty soon we had kids in dance and gymnastics and got to know people from church. The next natural segue was to open in Conway."

While she was pregnant with her third child, Dr. Hurley opened a second clinic in Conway. "I always try to do more than I probably should at one time," she said. The clinic was an immediate success; Dr. Hurley’s previously established connections gained her several new patients. The current office at 813 Oak Street is the third facility for the Conway clinic since Dr. Hurley began practicing in the city 14 years ago.

"We have been successful in Conway since day one," she said. "We’ve been in three different spots just because of growth. We had to have more space and finally found our way to this corner. We’ll see what happens from here."

Hurley Chiropractic now has 35 team members — including seven doctors. "My vision was to serve as many people as I could, and I realize that my two hands couldn’t serve all those people," said Dr. Hurley. She has opened two additional locations in Maumelle and Centerton and plans to open more.

"Our goal is to continue to grow in this area. We still look forward to putting some smaller clinics, potentially, in Vilonia, Greenbrier, Morrilton, west Little Rock and North Little Rock. It’ll take us a little while, but we’re working on it."

Dr. Hurley attributes Hurley Chiropractic’s extraordinary success to marketing. "It’s not common for chiropractors to have multimillion-dollar practices. It’s definitely not common to have more than one practice, and it’s not common to have a lot of doctors," she said. "So I think we just have some uncommon business practices as far as chiropractic itself goes. We have confidence and are not afraid to share our message."

Those who attend community events are likely to see Hurley Chiropractic team members on-site giving massages or distributing literature. "We found out quickly that our best bet was to meet with people face-to-face," said Dr. Hurley. "One of our best marketing tools started with LEADS groups at the Chamber and connecting to events. From there, we branched out to charitable organizations and became involved in the Lions Club and Conway Rotary."

In addition to having a strong community presence, Hurley Chiropractic has unconventional hours. The Conway location is open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday. "We set up our structure so that we can be here from early in the morning until late in the evening. We work through lunch, and we’re available on Saturday; you just can’t get that in a small clinic."

Gone are the days when patients only visited the chiropractor for neck and back pain. Hurley Chiropractic offers a number of health-and-wellness services that fall into five focus areas: chiropractic adjustments and treatments, massage therapy, personal training, the H2Works! weight-loss program, and sleep consultation.


Hurley Chiropractic offers complete chiropractic care for the entire family, including newborns and the elderly. This is made possible through ProAdjuster Technology, a computerized adjusting instrument that gives patients consistent and comfortable adjusting without bending or popping.

"The ProAdjuster is a high-tech instrument that gives patients the option to have a very light adjustment without some of the fear that people traditionally have," Dr. Hurley said. "Adjusting triggers the body to build up the immune system. We have had much success treating patients suffering from sinus and ear infections and asthma."

The second focus area is massage therapy. Certified massage therapists and a chiropractor tailor a treatment plan based on an individual’s needs — whether it is low back pain, neck pain or sciatic nerve irritation. "The massages available at our clinic are more like therapeutic muscle work as guided by what the person needs after being evaluated by a doctor," Dr. Hurley said.

As a wellness center, Hurley Chiropractic emphasizes improving one’s health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness before it starts. For this reason, the clinic offers personal training at its on-site gym as well as a weight-loss program called H2Works! (Hurley Health). Dr. Hurley said both the personal training program and the weight-loss program are tailored to the individual. "Wherever the person is at, that’s where we start. If you want to get stronger, lose a little or a lot of weight, or simply go from sit to stand, we help you through whatever that challenge is."

Finally, Hurley Chiropractic offers sleep consultation and is able to offer solutions to sleep problems. To schedule an appointment or a consultation for any of these services, visit or call 501-513-3322.