Acxiom has started executing the layoffs originally announced in the company’s second quarter earnings report released earlier this month, according to Acxiom’s communications department.

As it was originally announced in Acxiom’s second quarter earnings report Nov. 6, the company is looking to cut its annual cost base by $20 million to $30 million over the next six to 12 months.

Ines Gutzmer, Acxiom’s director of corporate communications and global marketing, said the layoffs are a company wide effort.

"We’re looking at every single area of the company," she said. "There’s no single department."

In a conference call after the release of the report, Warren Jenson, Acxiom’s chief financial officer, said in order to get faster and simpler, the company plans to streamline its management structure.

"This means minimizing the distance and management layers between Scott [Howe] and our front line," he said.

Jenson also said certain parts of the business with scattered or duplicative roles would be "realigned" giving the example of the IT department.

"In IT, we will centralize what today is a dispersed effort into one organization," he said.

In a longer-term effort, Jenson said he would be working with delivery and engineering organizations to systematically redefine and standardize workflows.

"Specific areas on our radar include centralized system monitoring, centralized customer support and data procurement," he said.

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Employees can expect measurable actions before the end of Acxiom’s fiscal year in the spring, Jenson said.

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