Starting, fostering, and growing a business is never an easy endeavor. More challenging still is maintaining a forward trajectory capable of propelling that business to the 50-year mark. Crafton Tull is proud to celebrate its 50th year in the business of contributing to the built environment.

Since its inception in 1963, Crafton Tull has enjoyed the help and support of their families, colleagues, clients, and communities. It is because of this mainstay that the engineering, architecture, and surveying firm chose to celebrate this milestone anniversary by giving back to the cities where they live, play, and work. With this goal in mind, Crafton Tull launched a year-long campaign they named 50/50: 50 years. 50 acts. The idea was to go into the communities to find where the need was greatest and provide even more than the quality architecture, engineering, and surveying they are known for; their time and financial resources. Included in the acts championed by the employees of Crafton Tull were organizing and running a food drive at Toad Suck Daze, helping build bicycle racks for City of Hope Outreach, and donating much needed materials as well as financial contributions to the Haven House shelter.

As the year progressed and more acts of kindness were completed, the employees became passionate about the endeavor and even added to their volunteering schedule outside of the campaign. Lane Housley, Executive Vice President for Energy Services and manager of Crafton Tull’s Conway office, had this to say: "Crafton Tull wanted to show its appreciation for the entire community by performing several acts of kindness right here in Conway. We know that if not for the local community, leadership, and support, we could not have experienced the substantial growth we have had over the past seven years. We love this community, we love our neighbors and we strongly believe that Conway is not only a great place to work, but it also a great place to shop, play, and raise your family."

The entire Crafton Tull organization has more than a professional interest in Conway. Many of the employees call Conway home. Mr. Housley attributed much of the firm’s success to this fact when he said "The improvement in your community means improvement in our community. We have been proud to participate in building the city of Conway, whether on the campuses of UCA and Hendrix, or the revitalization of the historic downtown streets and parks. This is our backyard and we are honored to have a part in making it the best it can be."

The people at Crafton Tull are invested in the idea that contributing to the built environment of Conway is an integral part of growing the community into an even more dynamic environment for businesses, churches, schools, and families to call home. Crafton Tull is connecting to Conway through sustainable design, its core values, and its commitment to the citizens who call Conway home.

In the half century since Bob Crafton and Lem Tull set out on their own, Crafton Tull has grown into a full-service firm that embraces sustainable design, expanded into several different cities and states, won numerous awards for creative design and problem solving, been named in the ENR Top 500 design firms – all this while surviving an ever-changing economy without wavering in their loyalty to the clients and families that make Crafton Tull possible. When asked what he felt played the most important role in the success of the firm, Matt Crafton, President and CEO, summed it up by saying, "I love the old Babe Ruth quote, ‘Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.’ It is this type of determination that has fueled Crafton Tull for 50 years."

It appears this approach to the future is still very much alive at Crafton Tull in that they are taking that adage even further by instilling in their employees that today’s home runs don’t win tomorrow’s games. The excitement was obvious when Mr. Crafton talked about what is on the horizon for the firm: "We are always looking for ways to adapt, while holding onto the values that brought us about. We are still working as hard as always to position ourselves so that we continue to grow and innovate. Crafton Tull has a proven history of fostering cutting edge ideas and seeing them through to completion. We are just warming up!"

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