The Covington Sturgis Road Complex at 1091 Benton Sevier St., formerly occupied by Baldwin Piano, Inc., will be utilized as an off-site construction facility for modern construction methods that will be used to build Conway’s Baptist Health Medical Center.

First announced in November, Baptist Health plans to build a 200,000-square-foot hospital at United Drive and Exchange Avenue, along the west side of Interstate 40, just south of the Caldwell Toyota dealership.

City officials said Baptist is currently revising the originally submitted site plans. The initial plans displayed a three-story medical facility with 100 beds, seven operating rooms and a Level III trauma-center emergency room.

The City of Conway Permits, Inspections & Code Enforcement Department said the Covington Sturgis Road Complex is going to be used to construct prefabricated "pod-like" structures that will be delivered to the construction site.

The pods will consist of bathroom units and sections of patient rooms that can be produced in bulk such as medical headboards that hold medical gases and communication and electrical devices.

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