Payroll Vault announced on July 7 that Craig Boes has joined Payroll Vault to continue promoting brand growth and assume the key role of payroll advisor for the business community in the area. Boes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the payroll industry, having spent much of his time with other major players in the payroll realm.

Boes joins Payroll Vault as Sales Manager to aid in supporting Payroll Vault’s growing success in providing various services, amongst payroll processing, to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. Boes commented, "I’m excited to be part of an emerging leader in business. I’ve worked for various best-of-breed companies and I’m excited to get in on the ground floor with a company such as Payroll Vault."

Laura Hanlon, CPA and President of Payroll Vault states "We are very excited with the new addition of Craig. His experience, demeanor, and drive to really help those struggling with payroll and related challenges are extremely valuable and highly beneficial. With our company growing as fast as it is, we are in need of a highly-trained professional with the attributes that Craig possesses. I’m confident Craig will play a defining role for Payroll Vault and our clients."

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