The American Payroll Association held their annual payroll tax forum on June 27, 2014 in Kansas City, Mo. At this event, Stephanie Teague, Operations Manager for Payroll Vault will be gathering information, learning the details of new regulations and earning certification credits. The Payroll Tax Forum is APA’s critical mid-year update, which includes the latest payroll compliance changes coming from Congress and federal agencies such as the IRS, SSA, DOL and the Homeland Security Department.

Stephanie Teague has been with Payroll Vault nearly since their doors first opened. Stephanie comments, "To truly provide a great experience for my clients, I combine both excellent and personal customer service as well as accurate processing that abides by all regulations. This way, the client can have full confidence in their payroll being done right."

Laura Hanlon, CPA and president of Payroll Vault states, "The APA governs all payroll regulations for the nation. By having Stephanie attend the Payroll Tax Forum, we’re able to stay current with the regulation changes being made. We inevitably pass this on by providing accurate payroll processing to our clients and ensure that they stay in compliance and avoid any fines associated with non-compliance."

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