Conway Mayor Bart Castleberry has found a way to assist local eating establishments in the fight against COVID-19.

Last week, Gov. Asa Hutchinson mandated all state restaurants to go drive-thru, dine-out only options putting a strain on many, including small eateries.

In an effort to help, Castleberry on Tuesday suspended certain zoning and ordinance restrictions to allow the businesses to sell food, ingredients, cleaning supplies, paper goods or sundries inside the city limits under the following conditions:

  • No more than 10 people inside at any one-time including staff and employees.
  • All business owners are responsible for ensuring proper social distancing protocols are being followed.
  • All business owners are subject to all government orders or directives via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the Arkansas Department of Health and the federal and state government.
  • These businesses won’t need any permits or permissions to deliver items for residential use or consumption.
  • The executive order itself is subject to all directives via previously mentioned organizations.
  • The order will remain in effect for 30 days or until further notified.

“My office, city employees and officials are doing all we can to support and protect everyone in the city, including our businesses,” Castleberry said. “I know how vital these businesses are to the prosperity and quality of life Conway has long enjoyed.”

Patti Stobaugh, owner of PattiCakes Bakery, said the downtown location will be offering grocery items for sale starting Wednesday.

“When I opened PattiCakes Downtown I wanted to have a small grocery store since so many people are moving downtown but I haven’t gotten the proper license yet,” Stobaugh said. “Mayor Castleberry lifted that restriction temporarily.”

Right now, she said, they have dairy, meat, eggs, some fruit and veggies.

“My online store is being set up to make this contactless,” Stobaugh added. “We have been slammed.”

She said to visit the website at for the following options:

  • Avocados – $1.25 each.
  • Broccoli – $7.49 for 3lb floret.
  • Celery – $3.49 per bunch.
  • Eggs – $4.99 for 30 (can break down if needed).
  • Margarine – $1.25/lb.
  • Whole Milk – $4.43 (cost).
  • Heavy Cream – $3.99/quart.
  • Bacon – Wright’s Hickory Smoke – $3.49/lb.
  • Butter, salted – $2.99/lb.
  • Ground Beef – 81/19 – $16.99 for 5lb.
  • Flour & Sugar.

“If this proves successful and keeps some of you out of Kroger or Walmart until this is over, I will expand the selections,” Stobaugh stated via Facebook. “We are allowed to act as a distributor during these times.”

Bob’s Grill in Conway is also trying the new change out, offering toilet paper, paper towels, ground beef and other items in individual or bulk. Contact them at 501-329-9760.

Staff writer Hilary Andrews can be reached at handrews

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