White coat ceremony

The nine honored at the White Coat ceremony are (back row, left ot right) Anna Crocker, Lena Srdanov and Macey Decker; (middle row) Sara McGee, Autumn Herring, Holly Allen, Madelyn Jameson and Tiffany Knowles; (front row) Alyssa Estrada.

The Central Baptist College Math and Science Department recognized nine students for academic excellence by awarding them with white coats in a private ceremony on Monday. This event marked the 10th White Coat Ceremony to be held by the college.

Each student achieved academic excellence, completing rigorous academic requirements set forth by Math and Science Department faculty, and were approved as a recipient for her white coat.

β€œAt most institutions, the white coat ceremony is a rite of passage; it is a way of welcoming new students into the medical profession,” Vice President for Academic Affairs Gary McAllister said. β€œAt Central Baptist College, the white coat symbolizes the high expectations that science faculty have for their students. This ceremony is intended to impress upon our students the need to excel in their study of science, to love others and show compassion, and to pursue their profession with diligence and integrity.”

The 2021 ceremony included a prayer of blessing led by Joshua Kwekel, associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, and the presentation of the honorees and their white coats by department faculty and the 2019-2020 white coat members.

The 2021 White Coat Class includes:

Holly Allen, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

Anna Crocker, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

Macey Decker, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Alyssa Estrada, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

Autumn Herring, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

Madelyn Jameson, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Tiffany Knowles, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Sara McGee, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Lena Srdanov, Bachelor of Science in Biology.

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