Twentieth Century Club held its February meeting at Hole in the Wall restaurant on February 21, with Dorothy Westmoreland, Wrenetta Austin, and Mary Fleming as hostesses. The room was beautifully decorated in a Valentine’s Day theme. Vice President Virginia Benton led the meeting. It was announced that President Jo Smith was in Superior Rehabilitation Center due to foot surgery. Members were encouraged to call her or send cards. The meeting opened with a prayer led by Becky Vint. Visitor Libby Roller was introduced to the group by member Ann York.

Following the theme of the year “There’s No Place Like Home,” the program for the meeting was Conway Schools. Susan McNabb introduced the speaker, Greg Murry, Superintendent of Conway Public Schools. Dr. Murry has been in education for 37 years, 13 of which have been as superintendent of Conway Public Schools. Murry presented various statistics about the school district. There are 10,117 students enrolled in Conway public schools, making it the ninth largest school district in the state. Eighty-two buses transport more than 4,200 students each day. There are 1,180 employees, and sixty-nine percent of teachers have their Master’s degree or higher. In May of 2019 Conway High School graduated 668 students, who received over 14 million dollars in scholarships. In the past few years CHS has had students who made perfect scores on the ACT and/or the SAT. Conway Teacher of the Year, Melissa Spence, was one of four state finalists for Arkansas Teacher of the Year.

Murry went on to discuss the RISE reading program which is being initiated in Conway schools. It began with kindergarten, but teachers at all grade levels will receive training.

Murry also stressed that while strong academic training is important, involvement in school activities plays a great part in students’ success in life. He referred to a study of CEOs in which they said participation in school organizations had been extremely beneficial to their leadership. Among the organizations and programs he mentioned were athletics, band, drama productions, such as the upcoming performances of The Little Mermaid, Quiz Bowl, in which both Conway teams won state championships, the culinary arts program, and the Farm to School Program in place on all 16 campuses. Murry ended with discussing steps taken to ensure student safety, among them enhanced protocols for visitors entering the schools and safe rooms now located on most campuses.

Following the program, Vice President Benton led the business meeting. Members voted to make a charitable contribution to CAPCA. Memorials are to be made in honor of deceased members Martha Moore and Emily Montgomery.

After the reading of the Collect, the meeting was adjourned.

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