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Good morning. Fall is here. What a beautiful weekend we had. Nice weather, beautiful trees. It won’t be long all the trees will be changing colors.

I went to the sale at Ed Stephen’s house this pass weekend. As I sat away from the crowd that was there, I got to thinking about all the history that I was looking at. We take for granted that there is always a tomorrow and we are never promised a tomorrow unless you are right with the Lord. It was a blessing to get to help take care of Mr. Ed and to help this family out. Rest in peace, Mr. Ed – you will be missed by many. You left a great legacy behind you.

Every time I sit in my beautiful patio set and drink my tea or water, I will think of Mr Ed. I just love it. Thank you Davey Stephens, Cameron and Parker Wallace for delivering the table set to me and setting it in my deck. It looks perfect there.

The following need our prayers: Jeanie, Gary and Aimiee Glover, David Mcpherson, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Sandy Dowdy, Robbie Ward, Glynda Burroughs McGinty, Jim Linn and anyone else that is sick or in the hospital. Prayers do work.

Congratulations to the Guy Perkins High School students that won in their golf tournament. People can say our little schools are small – yes, we are – but out of these schools we have graduated doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, nurses, anesthesiologists, cosmetologists, teachers, principals, superintendents, construction workers, farmers, architects, bakers and more. I am very proud of our school and community. I am proud to be an T-Bird.

Happy birthday Terry (Bones) Williams. Hope your day was a blessed day. Johnny Clay had a birthday too this month.

Sandy Dowdy had a great birthday. She loved all the cards and messages on Facebook. She wanted to thank all her people for thinking of her and loving her. We especially would like to thank Karen Clay of Conway for the sweetest card she sent to us both.

She starts to say you don’t know me but I admire you and says she has gotten to know us through this column over the years and has kept up with Sandy’s progress over the years. Also that she is so proud of Sandy and looks forward to reading it every week. We also learned a few things about her too. Sorry for the loss of your sister.

You and your mother are in our prayers. Don’t give up; it’s not easy being a caregiver. One day at a time. Be sure to take some time to yourself too. Thank you, Karen, for your kind words and prayers. I needed the encouragement you gave us. Sometimes I get criticized for talking about my family – I would put many other things in the writings if people would share it with me. I know I’m not perfect, but I try to do what’s right. Keep in touch, Karen. That is why I always ask for news, so if you have news send it to me or call me at 501-450-0395.

Horseshoe Mountain news

Martin Jameson preached the morning message titled “The Leadership Dynamic of a Church” from Acts 11:19-26 at Bethlehem Baptist Church’s 9:30 and 11 a.m. services. Bro. Brian Harvison, Robin Clark, Rebecca Decker, Seth McGee, Cole Krisell, Josh Barnes, Madelyn Jameson, and Susan Cavin were in charge of the music. Attendance was good at both services.

Rod and Kathy Davis have move into our community. We welcome them.

Gale Garrison and Jimmie Merritt of Greenbrier spent Thursday with Joyce Nell Garrison in Conway. They had lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Rev. Gavin Roberts, son of George and Dr. Kristy Roberts, will bring the morning messages in both services, Sunday, Oct. 4 at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Gavin will share a missions endeavor that God has opened up for him and his brother, Chase Roberts.

– Brenda Dowdy

– Gale Garrison

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