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Good morning. What beautiful cool weather we are having. But it will probably be raining when you read this.

I worked in my yard Saturday and Sunday. I started out mowing hit some tall grass and I thought belt came off well when Jerry stopped by on Sunday it wasn’t the belt. I had ran over a limb and it was jammed underneath. So my lawn mower works. He unloaded his fancy mower and Landon mowed my yard and Jerry mowed Mom’s yard because it was waist high. After they left, I got my blower out and cleaned the front and the back patio and deck with the blower. Fixing to get some rocks to go in the flower beds. I also decorated the front entrance for fall; I’m still thinking of ideas for the deck. Anyone have some ideas let me know.

David McPherson has moved to a different floor. He still has some issues and gets one visitor a day at a certain time. It’s hard to imagine over a week ago they called the family in to say he wouldn’t make it through the weekend. It’s amazing he is doing better. It goes to show the Lord works in mysterious ways. David and Sherry and family, you have had continues prayers from this community and other communities and will continue having them one day at a time baby steps to continue. Keep those prayers coming.

David Stevenson is still improving from his heart transplant. Jeanie Glover is still not feeling well. Aimee Glover is home and is slowly improving. All-of the above still need our prayers along with the following people, Clark and Linda Stevenson, Tonya Hartwick, who recently had gall bladder surgery,

Milly Herndon grandfather past away this past Saturday. She is the wife of Josh Herndon and is new staff member at Guy Perkins School. Please keep them in prayers.

Send me some happy news. Happy birthday to my miracle girl and my daughter, Sandy Jo Dowdy. She will be 46 years old on Sept. 23 and she is so excited about her birthday. But due to COVID-19, she will not be having a party. Now this girl has always had a part so if you want to blow my face book up with wishing her a happy birthday you can And if you want to send her a card you can send it to Guy and she will get it if you want to send it to her house message me and I will tell you her address. Sandy is still not doing 1000 percent but she is the strongest person I know. Sandy Dowdy, I love you to the moon and back.

Others having birthdays this month are Chris (Boso) Acre on the 23rd, Christy Lane Huddleston, Tabitha Rowlett Kindrid, Joshua Whitley, ThorneThomn Battles, Sherry MCpherson, Diane Remus. Hope each of you had a bless day.

Have a great week and be safe out there. Send me news on Facebook or call me at 450-0395.

Horseshoe Mountain news

Martin Jameson preached the morning message titled “Good News for Gentiles” from Acts 11:1-18 at the Bethlehem Baptist Church 9:30 and 11 a.m. services Sept. 20. Bro. Danny Fagala, Robin Clark, Rebecca Decker, Madelyn Jameson, Sara Havens, Cole Krisell, Seth McGee and Josh Barnes were in charge of the beautiful music. We were glad to have visitors in the service Sunday.

Terry and Lori Reynolds, Mitch, Ryder and Riverlyn Reynolds were at the national ATVMX Races this weekend at 3 Palms Action Sports Park in Conroe, Texas, outside Houston. Mitch finished 5th overall in the Pro-am and Ryder finished 8th overall in 70 open. They enjoyed seeing friends and sponsors for their racing team.

Blair Avery Kunkel, daughter of Travis and Mallori Kunkel and Remy Grace Reynolds, daughter of Mitch and Haley Reynolds had a photo shoot over the weekend. They are first cousins and were born 5 months apart.

A memorial service was held for Ronald (Ronnie) McKaskle at First Assembly of God Church in Vilonia Thursday September 17th with Bro. Freddie Mark Wilcox officiating. Family from this area attending the service were Jerry and Debra Robinson, Mark and Lisa Wilcox of Wooster, Wayne McKaskle, Joyce Nell Garrison of Conway and Gale Garrison. Paul and Betty Parker of Alma, uncle and aunt of Ronnie, and Howard (Ronnie’s cousin) and Charlotte Williams of Vilonia also attended the service.

- Brenda Dowdy

- Gale Garrison

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