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Martin Jameson preached the morning message titled “A Troubled Nation Needs Praying People” from II Chronicles 7:14 at Bethlehem Baptist Church’s 11 A.M. Service. Bro. Danny Fagala, Mitch Reynolds, Robin Clark, Rebecca Decker and Josh Barnes were in charge of the music.

Bro. Danny presented special music titled “Pray On.” We have an amazing group of volunteers that run our sound, video and streaming areas. This week our volunteers were Marcus and Cade Whitley and James Fletcher.

We extend sympathy to the families of Jeffrey Mikel Hodges, son of the late Danny and Andrea Hinkle Hodges and Bro. Jim Courtney, formerly chairman of the music department of Central Baptist College. Bro. Jim was a mentor to many music leaders in churches around the country.

Our residents are staying home and trying to stay safe so there is not much news to report. We send our prayers and best wishes to those affected by COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Guy newsWell this community missed the snow. Not that I went anywhere but it didn’t bother me.

Please keep in prayers Jeanie Rorie Moore’s husband, who is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This has been very hard on both of them. Sandy Dowdy is improving from her recent surgery but retaining some fluids. Hopefully that will change soon. Thank you for the prayers. Clark Stevenson, David McPherson as far as I know David is still in the hospital.

To any of my NLR fellow workers that read my column, we lost a dear friend Judy Babb who worked in the Transportation Department as a bus driver and the Training Instructor for many years. To Judy’s family, I love you and enjoyed working with your wonderful mom.

Phoenix Bearden had company Saturday afternoon while visiting Bessie Bearden, her two sisters visited her.

Guy Perkins went back to school this past Monday due to many staff members who had come down with COVID. Come on people, let’s help protect others and ourselves – try to wear the mask and stop gathering in big groups. I know of several that got this virus from going to a funeral – you have to step back and not go.

And stay out of crowds.

My cousin, Louise Collins Chaffins, had a major stroke last Saturday evening and also they drilled three holes in her skull for the aneurism to drain. On Sunday they did major surgery on her brain. She came through it and the doctor said she has a better chance of surviving and of course all those prayers everyone sent out was helping too, so please keep praying.

Thank you Amie Ealy for the great meal you brought us on Saturday when we came home from the hospital. We still have some left for tomorrow. I love McAlister’s – soups and sandwiches are my favorite. Sandy loved the basket and she has slept with the bear every night.

Happy Birthday to Gale Garrison, who writes the Shady Grove Community News.

Have a great week. Be safe – wear your mask, don’t drink and drive.

The Polar Plunge will be Feb. 20. Sign up online if you want more details next week.

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