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I hope everyone has a good week so far. Great news – Richi Rimmer is out of the hospital and gone to rehab at Clinton. Prayers have been answered and I am so happy for Tina and the rest of the family too. You are much loved in this community.

Prayers are needed for Emery and Travis Thorn as Emery is in the hospital. Pray for the people that was involved in the wreck Monday afternoon in front of the old Wiedower place.

Gary Glover needs our prayers along with his family.

I want to thank my grandson, Landon, for coming and weed eating and mowing my yard. He also mows moms yard for the renter. His dad came and helped too. I can’t wait to hear him play in the band at the Conway’s eighth-grade football game Thursday night.

This Saturday night, come out to play Bingo at Guy School sponsored by the Junior Class. Support the class and the PTO.

Phoenix Bearden visited Bessie and Rick Bearden this weekend.

Thom Battles has the most gorgeous yard, all decorated for the fall.

I would like to wish my wonderful daughter-in-law a happy birthday that is coming up. She is a blessing to our family and I love her very much. She is my son’s beautiful wife and the best mom to my wonderful grandchildren. I hope you have the best birthday.

Please send news to me for this column, thank you in advance. Have a great week.

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