GREENBRIER — Hospital administrators and staff celebrated the Conway Regional Greenbrier Family Medicine clinic expansion project alongside city officials Tuesday afternoon with a ground-breaking ceremony.

The rain did not wash away the crowd of hospital staff members and Greenbrier officials who were excited to see this project begin.

“We want to welcome Conway Regional and the growth this will bring Greenbrier,” Mayor Sammy Joe Hartwick said. For almost a century, Conway Regional has been the largest and most comprehensive provider in the area. We’re so proud to have them moving on up with us. People are moving, and they’re coming to Greenbrier for the schools. They’re coming now for the parks. They’re going to come for quality of life, and we’re excited to be a part of it and have Conway Regional Health System along with us.”

Conway Regional President and CEO Matt Troup said he hopes the project will be complete within one year.

The expansion project will feature a new facility that will house the Greenbrier Family Medicine Clinic while also providing space for rotating specialty physicians and physical therapy sessions.

“This is a very exciting day for Greenbrier, and an exiting day for our health system,” Troup said. “This clinic has been in existence since 1995 … over a quarter-century of serving this community right here in Greenbrier. We are very blessed to have such good providers.”

The growth of the facility will allow Greenbrier providers to better serve the community as well as residents across northern Faulkner County, Troup said.

“We’ll have space for specialists to come rotate up here and spend time with patients so patients don’t have to travel back and forth to Conway for their care, making care and access very, very easy,” he said.

The Conway Regional Health System currently is in the midst of a $60-million capital campaign as it seeks capital growth and bettering its services. This project is part of that campaign.

“We have a lot to celebrate and a lot of great things in our future,” Troup said. “Clearly, when we talk about growth, it’s not just Conway Regional growth. It’s not just the health system growth; we’re growing together with you as a community and will serve this community as we have for almost the past 100 years and as we will for the next 100 as well.”

Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce President Dustin Chapman said the expansion will improve residents’ quality of life.

Not only will the facility provide better health care options in the community, but it will also boost the town’s reputation and encourage residential growth, Chapman said.

Conway Regional General Surgeon Mike Stanton said the facility will allow staff to provide better care, especially with the capability of having onsite specialists.

Jimmy Fulmer, with Greenbrier Family Medicine, said he was also looking forward to having specialists onsite to serve residents locally.

Once construction is complete, the current facility at 110 N. Broadview St. will be torn down to create additional parking spaces. Conway Regional’s Greenbrier Therapy Services center will also relocate to the new facility.

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