The Conway Public Schools Foundation has awarded $18,811 in teacher-requested grants for the 2020-2021 school year. A total of 5,792 students will be impacted, along with 35 teachers throughout the district as a whole.

The grants demonstrate the Foundation’s responsiveness to support schools and students who have had to find ways to adjust to changes caused by the current global health pandemic. CPSF continues to raise money throughout the year to better support teachers and staff who help students.

“I cannot tell you how excited I was for my students when we received the news that we were a grant recipient,” Anita Reynolds, gifted and talented teacher at Ida Burns Elementary, said. “After trying out a demo kit with the students, I told them I was trying to write a grant to get more kits. The next day one of my students brought in money to help to buy more kits. I didn’t take it of course, but I thought it was such a great testimony of how great the product was. It was about a week later when we were notified by the foundation that we received the grant. I am so thankful to the foundation for providing these opportunities for my students.”

These grants focus on engaging students through technology as they continue to embrace virtual learning. Digital cameras and tripods were purchased for teachers to use to create quality video lessons. iPads were purchased to allow special learners access in the classroom and the ability to take for use at home.

Grants will also be used to support school-wide activities that involve family activities at home that parents can participate in. The grant, “One School, One Book” is about engaging not only students but also families, providing every student in the school a copy of the same book.

The grant, “Care Closets,” will be available at every middle school throughout the district, and will allow students to access needed personal hygiene care that may be limited at home due to families being affected by COVID-19.

“The 10th grade English team was so thrilled to hear that we were recipients of a $750 grant from the Conway Public Schools Foundation!” grant recipient, Lauren Spiridigliozzi, AP English teacher at Conway High School, said. “Because of this money, we will be able to provide our students with an online ACT prep program that finds individual weaknesses and helps them improve their overall scores.”

CPSF is committed to helping schools and educators recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help support the Foundation’s efforts, go to https://cpsfoundation .com/give.

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