Kendrick Ellis Price, 18, of Jacksonville, pleaded guilty this week to kidnapping, robbery and theft of property for his role in the March 25, 2008, carjacking and abduction of a Greenbrier woman from a Conway Walmart parking lot.

Price was sentenced to 50 years; 20 years each for kidnapping and robbery, 13 for theft of property.

Price, 17 at the time of the incident, was accused of acting with co-defendant Victor Jermaine Smith, also of Jacksonville, also 17 at the time, in accosting a woman at gunpoint and forcing her into the back seat of her vehicle. As Price and Smith fled the scene, a gun was pointed at the woman, and Smith repeatedly threatened to "blow her head off," according to court documents.

The woman was forced from the vehicle on Highway 89 east of Mayflower. The vehicle was used in a drive-by shooting in North Little Rock a few days after the kidnapping, according to Pulaski County authorities, and was later abandoned in Jacksonville during a police chase.

Smith pleaded guilty to the same charges in February and was sentenced to 45 years.

"I consider both of these young men to be very dangerous," 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden said Thursday. "To be willing to, for no particular reason, to take a lady at gunpoint and threaten her and take her car when she's shopping at the WalMart where we all shop is a very dangerous thing, and it saddens me that they chose this course at such a young age. We charged them as adults and we sentenced them as adults; they'll have quite a while to think about what they've done."

Smith escaped along with two other juvenile detainees from Faulkner County jail in May 2008 and was quickly recaptured along with a second escapee. The third escapee, Mexican citizen Roman Mototo, remains at large.

Two other young men may have been involved with the kidnapping. Police believe these two rode with Price and Smith in a vehicle to the Walmart, and the two drove this vehicle behind the one that was stolen as it left.

Vaden said these two men have been identified, though there is insufficient evidence to charge them with a crime.

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