A burglary after a break-up has led the victim to believe her ex-husband was back inside her home.

Conway police were called to an apartment on Bruce Street after the woman who lived there had stated her apartment was broken into and two items were missing, including $5, which was supposed to go to her son after he lost a tooth. A hammer was also missing.

The woman stated that she had tried to reconcile with her ex-husband, but when that did not work, she had placed several of his items outside of the apartment and had gone to a friend’s house to stay for the night. She told police that his name was not on the lease and he did not have a key.

At about 8 p.m., her neighbor called her and said that her ex-husband was inside the apartment. When she got back the next day, she noticed that $5 on the refrigerator to give to her son for losing his tooth was gone. Also missing was a hammer on the washing machine. She checked behind the appliances to make sure it did not fall back behind there.

She saw screws laying around the front door and noticed that the door frame was damaged and then attempted to be repaired.

Police observed that the offender kicked the door open to enter the apartment. After taking the two items, they attempted to fix the door frame. Police tried to contact the neighbor, but she was not available.

A woman claimed to have been beaten by another woman in her driveway, but when Conway police questioned several bystanders in the area, none were able to say they witnessed anything.

Police made contact with the victim at a gas station, and she said that when she was in her car in her driveway, a woman had reached through the window and slapped and hit her. She said she was taking her son to her boyfriend’s house and was backing out of her driveway and looked back and stopped for traffic. When she turned her head back around, a large black woman was standing next to her window, which was down. She said she recognized the woman but did not know her name or where she lives.

At that time, the offender reached through the window and began hitting and slapping her face multiple times. The victim screamed for her to stop and when she did not, the victim quickly backed out of the driveway and drove off.

After talking with the officer, the victim followed him to her residence to see if the offender was still in the area.

The victim said the offender was not in the group of women across the street, but she pointed to a woman who she said witnessed the event. When the officer approached the potential witness, she said she was in her residence and didn’t see anything. Other females in the area claimed to have seen nothing.

The victim said she had been the target of other neighbors attempting to start fights with her, and she stated some of her property had been vandalized and destroyed including her city-leased trash can. The officer told her to report any other incidents immediately.