Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department.

A noise complaint turned into a defiant club manager and an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Early Sunday morning, Conway police responded to a complaint of loud noise coming from a private club. The officers went to residence who made the complaint and heard large bass sounds coming from the club. When the officer arrived at the club, he could hear loud screaming and talking coming from the patio area as well as loud bass noises coming from inside.

The officer made contact with an employee inside and asked to speak with the manager. He was guided outside to tell the manager that there were complaints about the noise. He then went back inside and told the DJ to turn the music off, which he did. The officer then went back outside to look for the manager, but he was nowhere to be found.

After coming back inside and asking an employee where the manager was, the manager came back and told the DJ to turn the music back on. He then headed for the kitchen while the music came back on.

The officer then asked for the manager’s driver’s license, and the manager told the officer to wait outside while he retrieved it from his office. The officer told the manager to stay put. When the manager continued to walk away, he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. At this point, the manager stated it was a private club and the officer needed a warrant. He also said he was having a meeting with the mayor and the police chief and he would bring it to their attention.

Conway police stopped a daylight theft by a repeat offender after an officer saw the man walking down the street with more items than earlier.

Police were patrolling Harkrider Street Friday afternoon, April 20, when an officer spotted a man walking with a plastic grocery bag. The officer believed that he was leaving Price Cutter and heading to Oakwood Village mobile home park.

After driving through the park and turning back around, the officer noticed that the man still carried the grocery bag in one hand but now had a black and green tool belt, which was full of hand tools. The officer stated he had not seen the man carrying those just a few minutes before. The officer exited his car and approached the man, asking him where he got the tool belt. The man said they were laying behind a building. The officer asked the man to come to the vehicle while another officer made contact with the owner of the building.

While waiting for the other officer to arrive, another man approached saying he was the owner of the tools. He said he had been contacted by his secretary that a witness told her a man had taken them from the rear of one of the business’ trucks. The man said each tool had red tape on them. After checking the tools, the officer placed the thief into custody and transferred the tools back to the owner. The officer was unable to locate the witness.

The offender was found to have a valid warrant for failure to pay fines on an original charge of theft of property. He chose not to answer any questions.