A Conway man and student at the University of Central Arkansas was confronted on the school’s campus on Tuesday afternoon after callers reported seeing a man running through the parking lot at Bear Village carrying two handguns.

According to a report, officers found Demetrius Desmond Smith, 18, on the east side of building number seven with a clear plastic airsoft pistol in his possession.

The report said Smith’s explanation for carrying the airsoft pistol was "extremely vague," when the officer asked the man if he and his friends had been playing with the pistols in the parking lot.

The man denied displaying the pistols in the parking lot but offered to take the officer to his apartment to check for any additional airsoft weapons.

Officers discovered another airsoft gun in the apartment that was desribed as black in color and "extremely realistic looking."

The officer advised several student athletes that were present inside of the apartment that it was both a housing violation and a violation of university policy to possess airsoft guns on campus.

Smith and a friend took both toys off of campus and were advised not to bring them back again.

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