Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

•Drunken, insane and disorderly, East Robins Street.

A 28-year-old woman was arrested Saturday afternoon for drunken/insane after a Conway man said the woman was passed out in his bed and refused to leave.

The man said he met the woman, also of Conway, the night before and brought her to his home in the 400 block of East Robins Street.

The man told police he did not know the woman’s name or why she refused to leave his home.

While advising the woman to gather her things and leave the residence, police noticed an empty gallon of vodka next to the bed. The woman admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages when asked by police.

Officers noted a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the woman while they talked with her.

Police said it took numerous times to gather information on the woman, due to her slurred speech. The woman also fell numerous times while trying to gather her belongings, the police report states.

After failing to notify a family member or friend that could pick her up, the woman was taken into custody and transferred to the Faulkner County jail.

Detention officers said the woman became uncooperative and refused to take mugshots once at the jail.

•Third-degree battery, Lincoln Street.

A 14-year-old Conway girl said she was recently beaten by an adult while at choir practice.

The young teen, a member of the choir at Union Baptist Church, said she hit multiple times by a woman after she was told to sit down by the woman for not correctly singing a song.

The teen said she was asked multiple times to leave the stage after being informed by the woman she was not singing correctly.

After stepping down from the stage the first time, the woman immediately told her to return to the stage, according to the teen. After completing the song again, the teen said the woman, once again, told her to sit down.

The woman then came to the teen in the foyer, at which point the teen said the woman, identified as a 61-year-old Conway woman, began yelling at her to return to practice.

The teen said before she could return to the auditorium, the woman grabbed her by the collar, and pulled her. The woman then hit her multiple times in the leg while pulling her back into the auditorium, the teen said.

At one point, the teen was able to escape the woman and ran to the parking lot where she called her step-mother.

The teen said a fellow choir member witnessed the event, but the teen could not provide police with contact information.

No arrests were mentioned in the police report.

•Disorderly conduct, East Sibenmorgan Road.

Employees say a Conway man entered their business, located in the 1000 block of East Siebenmorgan Road, with a butcher knife Friday.

One employee, identified as a 20-year-old clerk, said the man entered the business, walked to the front counter and to her window to pay for his vehicle. The clerk said the knife was a small, black-handled object.

After advising the man, identified as a 39-year-old Conway resident, of the price for repairs to his vehicle, the clerk states the man asked "how much?" while holding the knife.

The clerk repeated the price, at which time the man put down his knife, counted out the money, picked up the knife and left in his vehicle.

The clerk admitted to being scared of the man, and feared he would do something with the knife, but changed his mind.

No business was identified in the report, however, Freyaldenhoven Automotive matches the address given in the report.

•Third-degree assault, Prince Street.

Conway police say a Fort Smith Southside player was involved in a minor altercation following Friday night’s Conway-Southside football game at John McConnell Stadium.

Police indicate the 17-year-old Southside player, whose name is being withheld, was walking toward the locker room when he and a fan, identified as a 50-year-old Conway resident, became involved in an argument.

A Conway High School administrator indicated that a fan passed by the player, and said "Welcome to Conway," and continued walking.

"I saw (the player) gesture to the fan to come here," an officer noted in the report. "The fan kept walking and (the player) yelled for the fan to come back.

After the fan walked back to the player, police said the player placed his head against the fan’s forehead, and pushed him to the ground.

A Conway officer witnessed the altercation, and was met with resistance from the Southside player upon contact with him.

"(The player) turned toward me and pushed my arms away saying ‘get off of me,’" the police report states. "(The player) stopped walking and once again I placed my hands on his chest and ordered him to leave the stadium and to return with the rest of his team.

"(The player) yelled ‘get off of me’ and pushed me in the chest."

The player was escorted out of the stadium by officers, and placed into handcuffs, but no arrests were made, police said.

Police said multiple Fort Smith fans gathered once the player was placed into handcuffs.

"I continued backing people up, mainly Fort Smith fans, that continued to yell and scream saying (the player) was just a child," an officer wrote in the report. "After a couple of minutes, the crowd finally began to leave."

Police also made contact with the fan who admitted to saying to the player, "Welcome to Conway."

Police advised the fan he should not have made the comment, to which the fan agreed.

"(The fan) went on to say he didn’t know what (the player) wanted when he called him back, and he admitted he should have kept walking," an officer noted in the incident report.

Conway school officials advised the fan to not have any other contact with opposing players if attending future sporting events, and the fan agreed.

The player and his parents were made aware of the warrant process, even though the victim stated he did not wish to press charges, police said.

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