Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

•Vehicle breaking or entering, Polk Street

A Conway man says his vehicle was entered while he attended services at Second Baptist Church in the 700 block of Polk Street.

The 58-year-old victim said a black male was observed going through his vehicle by another man checking the parking lot.

The man encountered the alleged thief, identified as a black male in his 50s, who stated he was "looking for change," the police report states.

The man said the alleged thief then fled the scene with the vehicle owner’s wallet. The victim later admitted to leaving his vehicle unlocked.

Police were unable to process the vehicle for fingerprints since it had already been used by the owner upon police notification.

•Information report, Hogan Lane.

Police said a two-year-old was found, with no clothes, walking through a parking lot of the Westlake Apartments complex in the 1800 block of Hogan Lane.

The child was found by a neighbor who contacted police. With the help of the neighbor, police located an open door at the apartment complex and were able to make contact with the parents, identified as a 25-year-old woman and 24-year-old man, both of Conway.

The parents told police they were just asleep in the bed with the child approximately 30 minutes prior. The parents also said they did not wake when the child walked outside because they were tired from work.

Police advised the parents to lock the interior latch chain of their door, and buy a baby gate if needed. Officers said the parents seemed "shook up" by the occurrence and ensured this would not happen again.

•Theft of property, Front Street.

Covington Roofing says one of its employees has been selling company items at a local scrap yard.

Conway police made contact with the owner of the company Tuesday after he had received an anonymous tip of the possible crime. The owner told police he investigated the tip himself and discovered one of his employees, identified as a 34-year-old Conway man had been selling company property at a local scrap yard since March.

The owner provided officers with a detailed list of metal being sold by the employee, totaling $2,760, and also provided photographs of a Covington Roofing truck at the scrap yard, and the employee completing a transaction.

A 22-year-old Plumerville man was also identified to police as a possible accomplice. No arrests were mentioned in the police report, and online court records show no charges have been filed against the alleged suspects.

•Vehicle breaking or entering, Collier Drive.

Superior Nissan, located at 1090 Collier Drive, says a suspect attempted to enter a vehicle parked behind the business, and removed the hood and broke the driver side window.

Police made contact with an employee Tuesday morning who stated a truck driver saw a person run into the woods, enter a vehicle and drive off through the field. The employee was unsure of the exact time the truck driver was at the dealership, police said.

The vehicle which the suspect attempted to enter was identified as a black 2014 Nissan Altima. Police said there were pry marks around the driver side door, and near the hood latch. Officers were unable to obtain fingerprints as result of dew located on the vehicle.

The employee said no other vehicles seemed to have been damaged.

•Vehicle breaking or entering, Meadowlake Road.

Another vehicle break-in at The Ridge at Meadowlake apartments was reported to police Monday morning.

The 29-year-old victim said he discovered a window of his vehicle broken around 6 a.m., and the remote to open the apartment gate stolen.

The victim said the vehicle was parked at the complex between 1 and 6 a.m. Monday.

Other than the remote, no other items were reported stolen. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $300 and the remote was valued at $20.

The previous seven break-ins reported Monday, including three others at The Ridge, resulted in $1,530 worth of stolen property and $1,300 in vehicle damage.

•Possession of a controlled substance, Interstate 40.

A Conway man was arrested for several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, fleeing and resisting arrest after police say he ran from officers at the scene of a traffic stop Monday evening on Interstate 40.

Officers initiated the traffic stop at mile marker 124 in the westbound lanes for a defective brake light, and made contact with the two occupants of the vehicle.

Police noted the passenger of the vehicle seemed nervous upon contact with the responding officer. Officers obtained information of the occupants, and learned the driver had an expired driver’s license. Information on the passenger’s alleged name also returned as a known alias of a local violator with warrants, police said.

Shortly after learning the information, police observed one of the vehicle doors open, and discovered the passenger exited the vehicle, and began to flee.

Police pursued the suspect across the median into the eastbound lanes, then back into the westbound lanes and into a wooded area near the interstate. Upon making contact with the suspect, police said he stated "leave me alone" and entered a fighting stance. An officer then used pepper spray to slow the suspect, however, he continued to flee, police said.

The suspect later attempted to use a limb as a weapon and swung it at an officer.

The suspect ended up on his hands and knees, at one point, still attempting to hit the responding officer with a nearby limb. After the pepper spray proved to be ineffective and the suspect continued to flee and actively resist arrest, the officer decided to use "immediate action" to end the struggle, the police report states.

"Due to my positioning relative to (the suspect), the only feasible area for me to strike was his head," the officer stated in the incident report. "I struck (the suspect) on the left side of his face with my fist, repeatedly ordering him to stop resisting and give me his hands."

Police said the suspect continued to resist, and the officer was able to reposition and struck the suspect multiple times in his torso and arm, at which point he surrendered.

MEMS was dispatched to the scene while the officer walked the suspect, now in handcuffs, back to the vehicle.

The suspect admitted to swallowing powder cocaine while fleeing from police. Officers also found 10 yellow pills, suspected to contain marijuana, a glass smoking device, a metal rod, two bags with white residue, a canister and a cigarette pack containing suspected cocaine.

The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation for driving with an expired license and issued a warning for his brake light before being released.

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