Two incidents of vandalization were reported to the Conway Police Department on Thursday, including one involving a police vehicle.

In both instances, the vandalism consisted of a brown, spray-painted triangle.

Officers discovered a patrol vehicle, parked at the intersection of Caldwell Street and Locust Avenue, with the spray-painted triangle on the driver’s side door around 6 a.m. Thursday.

"The characters appeared to be a triangle with a dot in the middle with the letters "F TR" above the police decal," an officer noted in the police report. "There was also the words, ‘TILL I DIE" below the decal.

Damage to the patrol vehicle was estimated at $433.

Central Arkansas Finance, located at 939 Locust Ave., also reported finding a brown, spray-painted triangle on the front wall of its building. Damage was estimated at $35 in the police report.

In the incident report relating to the vandalization of the patrol vehicle, an officer states the markings are similar to other reports of graffiti in recent weeks.

Multiple residents reported finding brown spray paint on their vehicles Nov. 5. Sayings such as "Ona Blood," "Turn Up" and "Clifton" were discovered on the vehicles. A depiction of the male anatomy was also drawn on the front windshield of one of the vehicles.

According to estimations in police reports, combined damage to the vehicles was $1,900.

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