Conway police say an AT&T store in the 800 block of Amity Road was recently burglarized.

Officers were dispatched to an alarm at the store around 5:32 a.m. Tuesday, and discovered a large piece of concrete and a black plastic bag inside the store near a broken window.

"While in the store it appeared that things were moved and possibly stolen," an officer noted in the police report.

An assistant manager was contacted, arrived on scene and was able to access security footage, which showed a black male, wearing a hoodie and white gloves, enter the store after throwing a piece of concrete through a window.

The male walked through the store quickly before leaving the same way he came. According to the timestamp of the security footage, the male was inside the store approximately two minutes, the police report states.

The assistant manager said several items seemed out of place, but nothing appeared to be missing. No estimate of damage was given in the police report.

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