Second grade students at Vilonia Primary School were awarded this week for reading with brag tags, gift certificates, pats on the back and bicycles.

As members of the Bookworm Club, notes were sent home in the spring saying students who checked out books at the library and read them during the summer would be eligible for rewards.

"Parents played a big role in this," said Jeannie Harvey, teacher and program director. "You had to get them to the library."

Thursday, the students were recognized and took home brag tags and other rewards for reading 2,962 books. Two students also took home bicycles for reading the most. Katherine Loyet read 319 books and Brittany Moore read 301 books. Harvey said the number of books read is the highest number by students at the school, as members of the club, during any given summer program.

The bicycles were provided by Eric Leamon of The Ride in Conway. This is his sixth year of sponsoring the program by providing the bicycles.

All students participating received certificates and brag tags. Students reading 40 books and more also received gift certificates in amounts ranging from $10 and up to Target.