Energy savings partnership leads to rebate for Vilonia School District 1

Retiring Vilonia Superintendent David Stephens (center left) was presented with the rebate check by CenterPoint Energy’s Kirk Pierce (center right) and Sarah Lyra (far right), as well as ESG’s James Ellison (far left) and Jonelle Booth (left).

Vilonia School District has received a rebate of more than $40,000 from CenterPoint Energy, the district announced Tuesday.

The rebate, which was presented to Vilonia in a check ceremony on June 8, came because the district installed 67 high-efficiency 95 percent natural gas furnaces across its campuses, according to the statement.

Vilonia announced its energy savings plan partnership with Energy Systems Group (ESG), CenterPoint Energy and Middleton Heat & Air last summer. As part of the partnership, Vilonia contracted ESG to make LED lighting upgrades across its campuses, as well as water conservation and heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, per a statement issued by ESG in June 2020.

In its announcement, Vilonia noted that it will save more than $6,000 in natural gas utility fees every year in its 20-year partnership and other savings from the energy conservation practices the district is incorporating will save them over $6 million over 20 years.

“This [partnership] is a great example of how the Vilonia School District is continuing to be fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly,” district officials said.

Vilonia’s partnership with ESG and other energy providers will continue for another 19 years.

Retiring Vilonia Superintendent David Stephens said the energy savings the district will accrue will pay for facility improvements.

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