The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office has given out their yearly safety tips to help the community stay safe during the hectic holiday season.

In terms of vehicle safety, the Sheriff’s Office says to not leave packages, purses, weapons or other valuable items unattended in your car and to lock your car doors at all times even when you are home. They also say to not leave your cars unattended in the mornings to warm-up even in your driveway.

With home safety, they say to leave outside home lights on or to utilize a timer overnight. They also say to ensure all doors and windows to your home are locked at all times and if you plan to go out of town during the holidays, have someone you trust look in on your home while you’re away.

They also warn about posting your travel plans on social media that would allow thieves to know when you will be away from your home. Also don’t answer the door to strangers or allow people into your house that you don’t know.

The Sheriff’s Office also suggest not going holiday shopping alone and to always travel and shop in groups for your own safety. They also want you to check in on your furry pals by not leaving animals outside unattended and allowing them to enjoy the holidays inside for the warmth.

Lastly, the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office warns about leaving packages out to prevent them from getting stolen. If you are expecting a package, try your best to be home in order to sign for them or have someone you trust do that if you can’t be home.

“Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office wants you to have a safe and happy holiday season,” they said. “Please follow these helpful tips to increase safety for your vehicles, homes, families and package deliveries!”

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