Guy-Perkins Superintendent Joe Fisher was appointed last week by the Arkansas State Board of Education to serve on the Professional Licensure Standards Board.

Karlie Saracini, the Arkansas Department of Education’s assistant commissioner of Education Effectiveness & Licensure, recommended during the Arkansas State Board of Education’s Sept. 10 meeting that Fisher fill a vacancy on the PLSB.

“This will complete our PLSB board,” she said, adding that Fisher has 27 years of educational experience under his belt.

The state school board approved the nomination and appointed Fisher to the PLSB. Members of the PLSB serve rotating terms and a re appointed by the Arkansas State Board of Education “from nominations made by professional education associations,” per Arkansas law. Fisher’s term began immediately upon his Sept. 10 appointment and will expire on June 30, 2023.

The Guy-Perkins superintendent began his educational career when he took on the role of secondary school choral music teacher in 1993 at Dardanelle. During his six-year teaching tenure, Fisher was also a bus driver and a tennis coach at the school district.

In 1999, Fisher was appointed to fill the assistant principal position in the Mountain Home School District. The following year, he became principal of the district’s middle school.

In 2006, Fisher became the first principal to serve Bethel Middle School. The school was named Arkansas Middle School of the Year in 2010.

The small-town superintendent has served various roles though the years, including being president of the Arkansas Association of Middle-level Administrators and the Arkansas Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Fisher has also worked as a “capacity builder” for the Arkansas Leadership Academy’s School Support Unit and in the education department at Central Baptist College. In the years leading up to his role in the Guy-Perkins School District, Fisher served as superintendent for the Atkins School District for three years before being superintendent at Clinton Public Schools for one year.

Fisher told the Log Cabin he is honored to take on this new role.

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