Volunteers handed out 1,356 boxes of food at CAPCA on Friday in Conway.

Faulkner County residents can take advantage of another free food giveaway on Tuesday.

I Feel the Need, a local nonprofit feeding ministry and food broker, has teamed up with several other community nonprofit organizations and is expecting a second shipment of food from the United States Department of Agriculture to give to families and local ministries.

The food boxes provided through the USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program include milk and other dairy products. I Feel the Need, Inc. Executive Director Shane Willbanks said he hopes to also receive produce items with Tuesday’s shipment.

Organizers will receive around 1,000 boxes of food and will hand them out on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. The food will be distributed outside the Community Action Program for central Arkansas (CAPCA) facility at 707 Robins St. in Conway.

Families will have the opportunity to receive food through multiple programs on Tuesday.

CAPCA will still maintain its food pantry along with the student market program as I Feel the Need volunteers pass out food Tuesday.

To receive assistance through the food pantry, residents should call 501-273-4058 when they get to CAPCA. Children participating in the student market program will need to go to the registration shelter, which is stationed in front of the student market building.

On Tuesday, CAPCA representatives will also be providing food through CFAP – the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program – to further alleviate local food insecurity.

“It’s just a great opportunity for [residents] to get additional resources. It’s a tough time … even if you have the resources to go to the grocery store,” CAPCA Director of Community Programs Melissa Allen said, adding that it’s difficult to find meat and dairy products at the store amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

CFAP provides families with fruit, vegetables and meat.

Though the layout of Tuesday’s event will likely be a bit chaotic and have a long wait line, Allen said residents should take advantage of the multiple resources that will be onsite that day.

“Every bit of food you can get right now helps,” she said. “This is an easy way for [residents] to receive multiple resources at one time.”

Families receiving assistance through CAPCA will need to fill out an application to receive its services. Those who are already in the system will only need to sign in, Allen said.

Residents seeking assistance through the USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program during the Free Food Tuesday event do not need to show I Feel the Need volunteers any documentation regarding their income or proof of residency.

Willbanks said that I Feel the Need volunteers will begin handing out food to those in need on a weekly basis. The nonprofit is also in need of additional volunteers to help hand out food on Tuesday and in the coming weeks. Residents can reach out to I Feel the Need organizers via Facebook to sign up to volunteer. Donations can also be sent to the organization online at

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