Free hot meals are ready to be delivered to homes in District 4, which covers southern Faulkner County.

Rene Henderson, along with Church Women United, Julie Adkisson, Ernest Ford, Dee Sanders, Martha Ann Williams, Pat Ramsey, Marcia Moore, Evelyn Toney, Sydney Hopson, Linda Tatum, Mary Beth Nellums, Johnnie Carolina and his Mason brothers, Marcia Wright, Steve and Anne Wilson, Gregory Fuller, Maria Hoskis, Katrina Moore and YARN’s founder Berthenia Gill, are all involved in making this effort work.

Currently, the team is taking orders for an Easter meal that consists of chicken and dressing with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn, zucchini/squash and dessert.

“The nutritious meals are delivered mid-afternoon, though we would like to have them there by noon,” Henderson said. “It’s not always possible due to limited volunteers during this time of social distancing. Sixty people are being serviced Monday through Friday and the list continues to grow. Snacks and books are delivered to their doors on Saturdays. Most recipients are children, senior citizens, disabled or displaced residents and disenfranchised people living in the Palarm and Gold Lake communities, primarily, though the entire D4 service area is welcome to the meals.”

Henderson said the plans for serving the food will continue through April 18.

“Without the generous donations of food, money and supplies, the service net would not be as wide,” Henderson said.

To be added to the list of names to have meals dropped off or to contribute to the meal, contact Rene Henderson at 501-697-3346, through Facebook Messenger or also via email at

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