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Shellie O’Quinn, the Greenbrier Event Center director, hosts an online toning and balancing course because the facility is currently closed to the public.

In an effort to encourage residents to stay active while also keeping a safe distance from others to deter spreading COVID-19, Greenbrier Event Center staff are hosting online exercise courses.

Greenbrier Event Center Director Shellie O’Quinn held the first Facebook Live workout session Friday morning.

While leading the class from behind a camera was uncomfortable for O’Quinn, she said she was focused on keeping residents active and engaged.

“This is way outside my comfort zone,” she said while laughing. “It was a little awkward at first but it wasn’t so bad. I teach the class every Friday.”

Because many residents are staying quarantined at home and the event center was closed per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s recommendations, O’Quinn said Greenbrier Event Center staff opted to stream workout sessions online.

The Extension Get Fit class is typically held at the center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Friday’s session, focusing on low impact toning and balancing, was streamed via Facebook Live.

“[This program was] created for senior citizens to help them with balance and movement to keep them safe and injury free,” O’Quinn said. “But, anyone can do these workouts. I would recommend this exercise to anyone who is not currently exercising before they do any strenuous exercise. It’s really good to strengthen the stabilization muscles to prevent injuries for anybody.”

O’Quinn started the Friday-morning workout session with squats and deep swimmer presses. While she had a set of five-pound hand weights, the event center director recommended those at home to grab cans of food to use as makeshift weights.

“You can do this with canned goods. You don’t have to have weights,” she said.

By streaming online workout sessions, O’Quinn said she hopes to encourage residents to stay healthy and active. She also recommended those at home go for a walk outside.

While the event center’s doors are closed, O’Quinn said she will call those who regularly visit the facility to check on them until the Greenbrier Event Center reopens.

“We’re calling to check in on people to see how they’re doing in the midst of all this,” she told the Log Cabin Democrat. “Sometimes, we’ll call in to check on [residents] if they haven’t stopped by in a few days. We just want everyone to be OK.”

Jazzercise classes previously offered by the center will also be streamed online.

Though the program is typically offered for a fee, organizers are allowing residents to join them online for free for two weeks.

To register, visit www.

Due to health risk concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak, city officials have also postponed the Mayor’s 107+ Mile Challenge Final Mile Walk with the mayor as well as the annual Moustache Dash 5K.

A new date has not yet been set, O’Quinn said as she encouraged residents to follow the Greenbrier Event Center’s Facebook page for future updates. She also said that residents who continue staying active can continue logging their miles to count toward their overall mileage until the event is rescheduled.

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