Greenbrier sign

Greenbrier student Jacie Krisell set the town’s new signage in front of the Greenbrier Fire Department’s new building on Tuesday.

A Greenbrier high school student put her art skills to the test and created a sign to help bring the community together and also honor the 2020 graduating class.

Jacie Krisell, 16, teamed up with Greenbrier resident Bill Tyler to bring the project to life.

The Greenbrier teen designed the painting and Tyler dusted off his carpentry skills and cut sheets of plywood so Krisell could get to work.

The high school junior said she enjoyed tackling the community-oriented project that aims to promote togetherness and school spirit.

“It gave me the opportunity to do something for the fire department and congratulate the seniors,” Krisell told the Log Cabin Democrat. “They didn’t have a graduation and won’t have one for a while.”

The new signage was set up Tuesday afternoon in front of the new Greenbrier Fire Department along Highway 65.

Fire Chief Tim Tyler said the department was proud to support the 2020 graduating class by sporting a hand-painted sign by one of the school district’s students.

“I think she’s a cool artist,” he said. “And, I appreciate the seniors and hope the best for them for the rest of their lives.”

Bringing the project to life was special to Krisell, she said, because it allowed her to showcase her artistic talents while also honoring her brother, Jay Krisell, who was a Greenbrier High School 2020 graduate.

“I don’t know if he’ll be here for graduation because he joined the Army National Guard,” Krisell said.

School districts across the state were forced to cancel traditional graduation ceremonies in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Creating a sign that included the school’s mascot and incorporated the city’s fire department was one way Krisell said she felt she could inspire the community.

Greenbrier resident Kim Tyler, who is Tim’s sister and lives close to Krisell, said she watched the 16-year-old paint the town’s new signage.

“She’s got a wonderful design eye about placement,” Kim said, adding that Krisell freehanded the fire department’s emblem that is featured on the panther’s helmet. “The chief and assistant chief stopped by one day and held up a shirt with the emblem on it. She just looked at the shirt and freehanded the design.”

The Greenbrier woman said she hopes the sign shows as a community reminder that “we’re all in this together.”

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