Deputy Ferguson

Deputy Steve Ferguson steps into his new role as the school resource officer for the Guy-Perkins and Mt. Vernon-Enola school districts.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office deputy Steve Ferguson is stepping into a new role this year as he takes on the school resource officer duties for the Guy-Perkins and Mt. Vernon-Enola school districts.

The deputy has seven years of law enforcement experience under his belt. In that time, he has served the community as a patrolman, a deputy, K-9 officer and now a school resource officer. Prior to his law enforcement career, Ferguson spent six years in the U.S. Air Force as a security police officer.

The Greenbrier father of two said he is excited to take on the school resource officer position.

“I became a school resource officer because I want to make sure our schools are a safe place for our children. I love to help and mentor as well,” he said. “[The students] should only have to worry about their education and not safety. They are our future!”

The new SRO said he encourages parents to get involved in their child’s education as well as their after-school activities.

It’s also important to know as much information (names, addresses and phone numbers) of the ones your child hangs out with, Ferguson said.

Guy-Perkins educators are looking forward to having Ferguson around.

“The presence of officer Ferguson will help to build rapport between law enforcement officers and students and staff,” Stacey Ralls, the district’s high school principal, said. “Officer Ferguson’s specialized training will help us keep our students better informed about the arms of vaping, alcohol and prescription drug abuse.”

Guy-Perkins Superintendent Joe Fisher said he believes the SRO brings a new sense of security to the school’s campus.

“We are fortunate to have the presence of both the Guy city police and the Faulkner County sheriff’s departments on our school campuses,” he said. “Officer Ferguson brings an increased level of security to our staff and students that is crucial during this time of COVID-19.”

When he’s not visiting the Guy-Perkins and Mt. Vernon-Enola school district campuses, the deputy enjoys building model aircrafts.

“I love aircrafts,” Ferguson said. “While in the Air Force I had the opportunity to see and be around all kinds of aircrafts. I, along with several of my friends, would spend days building models of every military aircraft we could find.”

Ferguson also said that he hopes to one day get his pilot’s license. In the meantime, the deputy said he will focus on protecting Faulkner County’s youth.

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