Guy-Perkins PTO President Erica Goff-Little (left) and Vice President Mandy Blizzard pick up a load of school supplies from the Dollar General in Guy as they help prepare families for the upcoming school year.

All students in the Guy-Perkins School District will have school supplies provided for them thanks to the district’s Parent Teacher Organization.

The district’s PTO purchased school supplies earlier this week for all students from kindergarten through 12th grade and will give the supplies to students who choose on-campus instruction as well as those who plan to participate in virtual learning during the 2020-21 school year.

The women on the school’s PTO said they were excited to carry on the tradition of ensuring all students had the supplies they needed for the upcoming school year.

“[The] PTO has purchased school supplies for a number of years now and it was definitely a tradition we wanted to keep,” Guy-Perkins PTO Vice President Mandy Blizzard said.

Providing the supplies helps families in the district and also benefits school staff, PTO President Erica Goff-Little said.

“This benefits the district in multiple ways,” she said. “It helps the parents with back-to-school costs as well as helping the teachers with what they need so they don’t have to buy any supplies. The supplies are for all grades K-12. They will also be provided for the students that have decided to do the virtual learning.”

The PTO president said she was thankful for the town’s Dollar General staff for helping gather supplies for district students.

“Shout-out to Guy Dollar General for helping us be able to supply them and ordering some more of the stuff that is needed,” she said while also thanking the Greenbrier Neighborhood Market staff for donating supplies during the 2019-20 school year.

Becky Vickers, the Guy-Perkins PTO secretary and treasurer, said the initiative also helped boost the small town’s economy because the group purchased the supplies locally.

“It is a wonderful tradition we are happy to continue,” she said of the group’s initiative to provide the district’s students with supplies for the upcoming school year. “As mothers ourselves, we know first hand how beneficial this is. Additionally, by purchasing a good deal of the supplies from our own dollar store, it helps our local economy.”

Blizzard said she enjoyed the process of selecting supplies for area students and school staff.

“I’m a huge office supply junkie, so I really enjoy organizing and sorting and making sure all the teachers and students get everything they need and want for the school year,” she said. “This benefits the district because we do have a number of families who we help with other various things so it definitely lightens the load if you will for what parents need to make sure their child is prepared for school.”

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