Quintessa Hathaway has spent a significant number of years in Arkansas as a veteran educator and founder and CEO of Q. Hathaway and Associates, LLC.

She knew in her youth that she wanted to serve humanity and to use her voice to love and lift people. For that reason, she announces she has entered the second congressional district race. She seeks to continue to work in close partnership in our communities and with families.

Her passion for the political arena was enhanced while in middle school, high school and collegiately as a leader in the student government association. At age 15, Hathaway participated in her first march with the National Conference for Communities and Justice (NCCJ) in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemorative March in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. At 22, she sought to be a member of the 104th General Assembly in the Tennessee House of Representatives serving District 53 (parts of South Nashville and Antioch) as a Democrat. She made history being among the youngest and an African American woman to ever seek the state legislative seat. In addition, she has volunteered on several political campaigns for candidates and elected officials and conducted voter registration throughout the south.

Hathaway is an advocate of public education. It is mirrored in her personal individual scholastic journey. She is a graduate of The Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree. She went on to graduate from Tennessee State University with a Master of Education (M.Ed.), Specialist in Education (Ed.S.), and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). Her groundbreaking dissertation, “The Common Core State Standards Initiative And The Achievement Gap” was a national analysis of our country’s educational policy. It is steeped in scholarship and has the potential to empower the American educational system. Her research supports better policymaking, practice, and deeper engagement with those on the public square in their approach to pedagogy and curriculum.

Hathaway is active in her state and local political arenas. She has combined her knowledge of public policy, education acumen, and visibility and activity with the Democratic Party to prepare her for this undertaking. The campaign platform is centered on three thrusts: culturally responsive education in pre-K through higher education; voter registration, mobilization and education; and economic competitiveness.

Go to www.Quintessa Hathaway.com to read other policy positions.

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