Haven House has completed fundraising the last unpledged costs of building its new facility in Conway, Haven Development Manager Marti Jones announced Friday morning in the facility’s parking lot to a crowd of supporters.

Haven House is a residential treatment program for teenage girls in foster care that has been in operation since 1986. The program has previously been housed in two other facilities. Haven House opened its new facility in August 2019.

While much of the new facility’s costs, about $2.7 million, had been pledged, the program still had an additional $80,000 that had been unpledged by donors. Through the donation of Haven House Campaign Chair Susan Salter, her husband, Gene, and Centennial Bank, the last unpledged costs were covered.

Jones said she was surprised by the Salters’ and Centennial’s donation.

“We felt pretty tapped out of everybody we had asked money [from and] we didn’t really know where that [money] was going to come from,” Jones said. “We thought we were going to get a bank loan for what we had left and that’s when Centennial Bank and Gene Salter reached out to me and said they would like to finish it off for us so we didn’t have to get a bank loan.”

Jones said the donation allowed Haven House to get back to focusing on its primary mission.

“We can go back to the work that we’re meant to do,” Jones said. [Which is to] work with young girls in foster care, keep them safe, [help them] work through their trauma and not spend our time fundraising money for this house. We can get back to doing what we do best.”

Haven House named its new facility in honor of Susan Salter. While the facility’s cost has now been pledged to be paid off, the program is still waiting for $100,000 in previously pledged money to come through to finish paying off the house.

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