Hendrix College has received a $500,000 grant award from the Kansas-based Sunderland Foundation to renovate two of its residence halls, per a news release issued to the Log Cabin Democrat by the college. The two halls to be renovated, Martin and Veasey Halls, are historic on the Hendrix campus, having been opened in 1918 and 1967, respectively.

Hendrix President Ellis Arnold said the Sunderland Foundation’s grant award will help the college to fulfill its mission, per the release.

“We are deeply grateful to the Sunderland Foundation for its generous support of Hendrix over the years,” Arnold said. “Their investment in the academic and student experience has enabled Hendrix to fulfill its ongoing mission as a national liberal arts college.”

Renovations needed to be completed at the two halls are mostly on the interior, with a new HVAC system and plumbing also planned to be installed. Arnold said the college will balance the need to maintain both buildings’ histories, while also providing needed upgrades for students.

“The Hendrix residential experience is distinctive and unique, and Veasey and Martin Halls are two of the most iconic residence halls on our campus,” Arnold said. “This project will allow both buildings to continue their historic traditions and provide a positive living experience and life-long memories for our students.”

The renovation of the two halls is part of Hendrix’s $150 million campus capital campaign. First announced in Fall 2020, the campaign has raised money for a variety of campus improvements, the press release read.

Renovations for the project, which has raised almost $8.5 million from private donors, will take place in the summer of 2022.

Staff Writer Kolton Rutherford can be reached at krutherford@thecabin.net.

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