Dozens of police officers, court staff and supporters participated in the inaugural Celebrate the Blue 5K at Stone Dam Creek Trail on the University of Central Arkansas campus on Saturday.

Conway Police Department Detective Tim Gray was the overall police officer Battle of the Blue race winner with a time of 30.13 minutes.

“The trophy will stay at the Conway Police Department until next year,” event organizer Sara Gates said.

All the proceeds from Saturday’s event will go toward training for de-escalating in crisis events for all police departments in Faulkner County, including the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, Conway Police Department, University of Central Arkansas Police Department, Greenbrier Police Department, Vilonia Police Department, Guy Police Department, Damascus Police Department and Quitman Police Police Department.

Prior to the race, an officer from each of those departments read the names of fallen officers in their department during a Memorial ceremony.

Gates said she plans to make Celebrate the Blue 5K an annual event. Next year’s race will be Oct. 8.

“Police make a true difference in our community and I wanted the officers to know they are so appreciated,” she said.

Overall winners of the race who aren’t police officers were Chris Palmer, in the male division, with a time of 17.04 minutes and Shawn Clawson, in the female division, with a time of 25.49 minutes.

Other winners included:

14/under (female) – Lily Jackson with a time of 26.43 minutes.

15-19 (male) – Chris Palmer with a time of 17.04 minutes; Logan Gates with a time of 17.21 minutes; and Jake Tatum with a time of 21.15 minutes.

30-39 (female) – Leigh Anne Gray with a time of 30.13 minutes; and Deana Ledesma with a time of36.24.

30-39 (male) – Michael Alsup with a time of 39.03;

40-49 (female) – Regina Poindexter with a time of 39.02.

40-49 (male) – Chuck Clawson with a time of 25.50; Brad McNew with a time of 26.49; and Don Tatum with a time of 29.05.

50-59 (female) – Lorrie Dodson, with a time of 31.02.

50-59 (male) – Tim Gray with a time of 30.13; and Todd Henry with a time of 37.20.

60 and up (female) – Debbie Norton with a time of 38.29.

Top 3 officers:

Brad McNew, Vilonia Police Department.

Todd Henry, Quitman Police Department.

Rafael Ledesma III, FCSO Reserves.

Other participating officers:

Regina Poindexter, Greenbrier Police Department.

Michael Alsup, Guy Police Department.

Lacey Kanipe, CPD public information officer, did the 1-mile run in 10.40 minutes.

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