State District Court Judge Chris Carnahan of Conway announces his candidacy for the Arkansas Supreme Court, Position Two seat.

Judge Carnahan serves as the Division One State District Court Judge for Faulkner and Van Buren counties.

He has served as Circuit Judge (2017-2019) and was twice chosen as a Special Associate Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. He is a graduate of UALR, UCA, the National Judicial College, and a former member of the Arkansas Judicial Counsel.

Prior to his judicial service, Judge Carnahan was Legal Counsel for the Arkansas State Board and was Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the 20th Judicial District, and Deputy Prosecutor in the 15th Judicial District. Judge Carnahan was an associate of the Tatum, Tatum, and Riedel Firm in Danville. Judge Carnahan acted as county attorney for Scott, Conway, Searcy and Van Buren counties and city attorney or prosecutor for the cities of Oppello, Menifee, Fairfield Bay, Marshall and Holland. His private practice included domestic relations, property and employment discrimination matters.

Judge Carnahan believes that judges should not legislate from the bench. Laws passed by the people and the legislature should be respected and interpreted with their original meaning in context. Innocent human life must be protected by judges and the guilty should be humanely punished. Businesses, farmers and citizens need courts that follow precedent allowing them to make rational decisions about their economic interests. Finally, courts must protect private property rights and individual freedoms.

Judge Carnahan taught American National Government at Pulaski Technical College and two sections of American History at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. For several years he has taught law enforcement classes in civil liability, constitutional law, and Fourth Amendment topics. He is a past Executive Director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, and a staff member at the Arkansas Policy Foundation and its Murphy Commission initiative producing the first ever detailed flow chart of Arkansas state government. The Judge is tenor in the Conway Men’s Chorus and a former Faulkner County Election Commissioner and board member of the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas.

Judge Carnahan is a member of Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association. He is a follower of Christ.

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