Kimberly-Clark Professional, a child organization of the well-known personal care product manufacturer of the same name, announced a donation of over 1 million face masks and cleaning products to school districts across the country on Wednesday, including Conway Public Schools (CPSD). The donation, consisting of face masks, wet wipes and hand sanitizers, will support over 235,000 K-12 students, faculty and administrators in nearly 400 schools across 15 states, per a press release provided to the Log Cabin.

“We know that many schools across the country are still in need of proper supplies to help protect students and faculty as they work to finish the school year strong,” said Susan Gambardella, President, Kimberly-Clark Professional North America.

Operating schools safely during the pandemic requires additional resources. According to a report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), school districts on average must invest an additional $55 to $442 per student to ensure they can reopen in the safest possible manner.

“This school year, face masks and mass quantities of hand sanitizer became required ‘school supplies’ for our teachers and students,” CPSD spokesman Heather Kendrick told the Log Cabin. “Because all schools throughout the country needed these same items, there were times when the supply chain was slow. Donations like this helped us make it through the year. We appreciate the support of community partners like Kimberly-Clark who help us meet the needs of our students every day.”

This donation comes as schools are evaluating not just their year-end protocols, but how they will address learning in the fall.

While requirements in public and private spaces vary by state, the CDC continues to recommend the consistent and correct use of masks, hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfection to help ensure the safe delivery of in-person instruction in schools. These guidelines are all part of the CDC’s “Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools through Phased Prevention.”

“Care underlies everything we do at Kimberly-Clark Professional, and we are proud to care for the communities where we operate and help assist the school districts where our employees live and work as they prepare for the upcoming school year,” said Gambardella.

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