Faulkner County libraries will reopen Monday on a limited basis.

“We have had tremendous response to curbside service these last six months, and many people have said they are reading more because of it,” John McGraw, Faulkner County Library System director, said.

Curbside service will remain in place to keep that success growing, he said. Online programming will continue as well.

“We have made it easier to get a library card online and access the reading that will help virtual students complete assignments, or bring readers the authors they love, without leaving the house,” McGraw said.

The library is a platform for giving its community the tools it needs to succeed, but some of those tools are very physical. Access to them is vital, he said.

“We know people want to get inside the building to browse. We know people need access to computers,” he said. “We see students and parents in the parking lot using wifi, and we know a lot of people require some computer access to pursue work, or an education, or the means to make the best choices for themselves.”

In an effort to move people quickly through the building to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus, the library will:

Check temperatures at the door.

Limit a patron to a single 60-minute visit per day.

Limit the number of patrons allowed in the library at the same time (varying by branch location).

Require masks for everyone kindergarten age level and up.

Require patrons age 16 years and under to be accompanied by an adult.

We will not be making the meeting rooms available to community groups at this time, but please come for early voting.

“This is all very improvised – and we will tinker with it as we need to – but these practices have served some communities with very high infection rates,” McGraw said. “Our highest priority is the health of our patrons and our staff.”

For more information, visit fcl.org.

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