By Sheila Lorain Clemons

Everybody needs a friend, 

so that they can have somebody 

to talk to about situations in their life.

Friends do what they can to help each other.

Real true friends stick by each other 

no matter what the situation, may be.

Friends keep in touch with each other

by going to visit each other, writing letters

to each other, and calling each other on the telphone.

No matter where they live 

all around the world they are still friends. 

Friends love and care about each other in their time of need of 

encouragement, when they have lost a loved one that was close to their heart!

Always in Love

By Helene Stallcup

The great love of my youth was not a man,

not fame, nor wealth, nor far romantic dreams.

Before my years of travling began,

my heart was lost and won by rocky streams.

Although I loved Niagra and the sea,

the ocean, racing, galloping to peaks,

a greater love was always calling me

back home to trail beside enchanting creeks.

I missed the wooded hills, high rocks, and wept

for soft blue valleys wrapped around a lake,

for springtime valleys where the wild buds crept

into my dreams and blossomed wide awake,

but even in my dreaming I would seek 

the silver crescent ripple of a creek.