My Special Valentine

By Verna Lee Hinegardner

Within that eight-grade one-room school,

hearts pounded like the wild grape vines

in whipping wind, and speech was bold

till time to hand out valentines.

All day that decorated box

held hidden in secluded nooks,

the valentine deposited

with giggles, grins and backward looks.

Our teacher handed one by one

the artwork of our hearts. Although

my name was called quite often, there

was nothing from my special beau.

Deep anguish choked my tortured soul,

my brown eyes burned with unspent tears,

when Teacher said, "That’s all" but I

faked nonchalance beyond my years.

I died a dozen deaths as I

flipped, "I don’t care" and tossed my locks.

Then Teacher teased "What have we here?

There’s something else inside this box!"

He lifted the embellished lid.

I crossed my fingers as he read

the message on a tiny box:

"To Verna Lee from me," it said.

My face aflame, I stumbled forth

to claim the treasure that was mine,

a heart-shaped box of Red Hot Hearts

which pleaded, "Be my Valentine."

I never spoke one word of thanks.

How could I know which words to use?

I ducked my head to hide my blush

and buckled up my overshoes.

An Irish Valentine

By Maxine Spyres Hixon

My Irish heritage ... for this I’m ever —

  thankful —;

There’s a depth of heart — home and love are

  so much a part;

It matters not — "if you’re Irish ..."there’s nothing —

  work or play that’s dull...

That spark that’s always an integral part ... of the

  heart — is the start.

Valentine’s Day ... with the Irish is an everyday

  affair ...

Through hardships monumental ...famine and drought —

  having to leave Emerald Isle —;

Still, what was deep set in brave loving hearts ...

  coming to a new country — to dare;

A little bit of Ireland was brought with each one —

  in laughter and smiling eyes from there.

Appreciation of family and friends — love of God —

  runs strong — defeating despair —;

Being able to make even work fun ... is an ability

  not many inherit;

A song in the heart — knowing difficulties are

  surmountable — with faith in God is not so rare ...

Mostly you think one of Irish lineage — even though missing

  the language lilt, — a Valentine without a care.

Valentine’s Day?

By Maxine Spryes Hixon

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day — with reason to say,

  "I love you..."

But, why wait so long... someone more interested may

  come along —;

Then, perhaps you’ll always wonder — why you wait around

  the way you do;

In secret, you truly loved — for so very long... now your

  heart is filled with sadness instead — of song.

Three hundred fifty-six days a year — letting years

  go by...;

Then, on Valentine’s Day... Cupid and arrow on card

  is sent;

With all the time gone by... the disquiet of heart giving

  the lie—;

For each time, when thinking of you... heart feeling Cupid’s

  arrow—for not mended — the rent.

Wasted never brought back — to be

  lent —;

Loving to all hearts should be, not a rarity — but, an

  integral part;

Be it Valentine’s Day — when all type cards, with loving

  words are sent;

Or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

  Saturday — all year... giving our heart!