How Many Mountains Faith Has Moved

By Pamela Hixon Rhea 

At the close of life’s race,

It won’t be a list of things we’ve done,

Nor the riches we accumulated,

But, the souls to Jesus we’ve won.

It won’t be the accolades of man,

Nor the feats that we have proved,

But rather “how many mountains”

That our faith has moved.

It won’t be fair words or speeches,

But, rather, the power of our prayers,

By which great changes are wrought,

By God who sees and knows and cares.

When we come to life’s finish line,

And we meet Jesus Face to Face,

We won’t stand on our own merits,

But, only by God’s mercy and grace.


Is Opportunity Knocking?

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

Thomas Edison said, “Most people 

  miss out on opportunity,

Because it comes dressed overalls and looks like work.”

And work is the one duty

Many would like to shirk.

Many people never realize their dreams,

Or live up to their potential,

Because success depends upon hard work,

Yet, we eke by on life’s bare essentials.

Is opportunity knocking on your door today?

For the slothful it will be hard to hear,

But, the diligent will simply thrive

On the bounty of the “New Year!”