Progressive Club met at the home of Betty Ramsey for the April meeting. Seventeen members present. Members brought food for the Soul Food Cafe.

Mike McCullers, AETN, presented the program. He shared with the members a very interesting history of the development of AETN.

Thanks to Mrs. Judy Stuart for the very interesting programs that the club members have enjoyed this year.

President Mrs. Ola Hawks conducted the club business. Endrea Carroll, secretary, called the member roll and read the March minutes.

Treasurer Mrs. Polly Bruckner gave the treasurer report.

Meeting was dismissed after old and new business was discussed.

Refreshments were served to the members by Hostess Betty Ramsey and Co-Hostess Julia Fraser.

Several members attended the April meeting of the Alpha Iota Chapter of Kappa Kappa Iota held Monday evening, April 2, at the East Conway home of Doretta Bright.

Special guest speaker was Linda Dickey, founder of Roses Among Thorns. Mrs. Dickey shared her story how she came to start Roses Among Thorns. In 2004, she attended a "Power of One" program where it was stressed that each person has power and talents and can do something to make a difference in the lives of others. Since she was an oncology nurse, she decided she wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of women who had cancer or who were survivors. Thus Roses Among Thorns was established. The first meeting was a tea party in 2004 with five ladies in her home. The number quickly grew to 25. At this point, Mrs. Dickey knew she must find another place to hold the teas. She moved the gathering to Springhill Baptist Church where they continue to meet today. There are currently 80 ladies on the roll.

Mrs. Dickey desires to minister to each Rose — body, soul, and spirit. She has a brand of directors who help her with everything from planning the teas, decorating for the teas, securing excellent speakers each month, checking on each Rose, visiting each one in their time of need, taking them on outings, conducting fundraisers, to carrying on the work to meet the goals of the organization. She has a group of volunteers who prepare the food for each tea, serve the food, help decorate and clean up, greet the Roses as they arrive, assist with fundraisers, and any other help they can give her. The Rose’s teas are held the third Wednesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If any woman desires more information about the teas, she should call Mrs. Dickey at 501-679-2931 or 501-472-1120.

Mrs. Dickey encouraged the Kappas to use their "Power of One" and make a difference for others. Linda Wall, president of the Alpha Iota Chapter, presented Mrs. Dickey a gift of appreciaiton, a box of apple ciannmon cheeseball mix and a decorative dish cloth.

Mrs. Wall announced the Arkansas Epsilon State Convention will be held at the Bonnie Grimes Elementary School in Rogers from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, April 21. Mrs. wall and Amber Horn plan to represent the Alpha Iota Chapter at this meeting.

Officers were elected for the 2012-13 year as follows: Amber Horn, president; Tricia Moix, vice-president; Brittany Russell, secretary; Clara Rose Simon, treasurer; Bronnie Rose, reporter; Doretta Bright, empathy; Danette Fiddler, song leader; Sue Gates, contact; and Amy Malik, historian. These officers will be installed at the May meeting.

The Bright home was decorated throughout with Easter decorations. The table was covered with a spring-colored runner and decorated with a basket holding eggs with green grass around it, and ceramic rabbits, with one holding a candle. An arrangement of fresh mixed flowers was displayed on the serving bar. Kappas enjoyed trail mix, egg-shaped green and turquoise iced cookies, cream cheese with blackberry and green apple jam, crackers, Key lime pie, pecan pie, and sodas. Hostesses were Hilda Lovell, Lou Ann Pew, Sarah Guinn and Mrs. Bright.

Amber Horn received the door prize from the hostesses, a ceramic Easter bowl. Linda Wall won the raffle item, a wooden decorative rabbit with the words "Welcome Easter."

The next meeting of the group will be at 5:30 p.m. May 7 at The Fish House. Kappas should bring $1 for the Arkansas Epsilon state Scholarship fund and $1 for the raffle item. They should also plan to pay their 2012-13 dues if they did not do that at the April meeting.

President Jay Fortner called the meeting to order, reminding members it is time to renew membership for the 2012-13 year and that forms for dues were provided on the tables.

Hervey Galloway introduced speaker Melanie Malone with the Faulkner County Extension Service located in the Natural Resource Center on Amity Road. Melanie discussed the organization of the Service and the purpose of each division.

Florene Phipps read the minutes of the February meeting and also read a thank you note from Brandy Swanson, our scholarship winner. Betty Stevens gave the March Financial report. President Elect Judy McKnight introduced the Host/Hostess Committee Chairman, Jo Anne Ratliff, who introduced the March committee of Elizabeth Rose Black, Bronnie Rose, Paulette Herring, Mary Jones, Darrell and Annell Kilman, and Frances Springstead.

First Vice President Hervey Galloway asked for program suggestions for the 2012-13 year. He discussed details of the field trip to the Governor’s Mansion on March 27. Next year’s field trips will be planned in the fall.

Elizabeth Rose Black reported 40 members present. Julia Fraser reported 606 community service hours for the month of February.

Jay Fortner announced that we will be signing up for committees and chairmen next month. Additional people are needed to sign up for the Scholarship Committee. Reviews will be held in April.

Cheryl Weldon announced that the Conway High School Committee for the Open House of the new building is looking for memorabilia from years past. The open house will be held in July of this year.

Ben Bakker announced that the Conway Public School Foundation has raised approximately $33,000 for grants to teachers to help students.

The next meeting will be April 17.

The meeting was adjourned to food and fellowship.

Preceptor Beta Kappa Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Tuesday, March 27, at the home of Lynn Riggins with 16 members present. President Debbie Creswell called the meeting to order with members repeating the Opening Ritual. Roll was called and minutes from the previous meeting were read by Recording Secretary Carolyn Jones.

The report from City Council was that this year’s Founder’s Day dinner will be held at the Hole in the Wall restaurant in the Old Gin on Tuesday, April 24, at 6:30. The menu will be chicken scaloppini, green beans, salad, choice of two desserts and drinks. The cost will be $20 per person. Each chapter is asked to provide two $10 door prizes.

From the Service Committee, Jolinda Bryant read a thank you poem she had written for a note to be attached to the cookie trays the members prepared following the meeting (from 4 dozen homemade cookies brought by each member). Members then volunteered to deliver the trays to the fire stations near them or to the Central Police Station.

Jolinda also reported that from the Sunshine Committee, cards had been sent to Bobby Tiner and Anna Boudreaux following recent surgeries. Also a thank you note was sent to Sister Chapter Xi Master for a wonderful entertaining time together on March 13th.

Nancy Penny reported for the Scholarship Committee that applications were coming from seniors at CHS-West. Friday, March 30th, was the deadline for all applications at each senior high school in Conway.

Election of officers for sorority year 2012-13 was held. The current officers were nominated by acclamation to continue to serve for an additional year: President Debbie Creswell; Vice President Anna Boudreaux; Recording Secretary Carolyn Jones; Corresponding Secretary Jolinda Bryant; and Treasurer Barbara Money.

Mrs. Bryant presented a cultural program on "Time Robbers."

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned with members repeating the Closing Ritual.

Refreshments were served by Mrs. Riggins and co-hostesses, Jan Griffin and Marsha Wigley.

Laureate Alpha Omega chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Tuesday evening in the Trillium Park community room with 11 members present. Hostess Janet Jones provided sandwiches, salad, chips, brownies and soft drinks.

The chapter made a donation in memory of Harley Hooper and thank you notes were read from the ALS Foundation and from former member Susan Hooper. We also received a thank you from Beta Upsilon chapter for hosting them at an Easter party.

Preparations for the annual Founder’s Day awards dinner were finalized. This year’s Founder’s Day will be held at the Hole in the Wall restaurant on Tuesday, April 24. Project write-ups and scrapbooks were turned in for judging.

Officers for 2012-13 were elected as follows: President Vernelle Crews; 1st Vice President Florene Phipps; 2nd Vice President Mary Jane Moix; Corresponding Secretary Judy Schultz; Recording Secretary Bert Lackey; Treasurer Pam Rawls; and Extension Officer Sondra Pugh.

A secret ballot vote was held for Girl of the Year; the winner will be announced at Founder’s Day. This year’s scrapbook was presented to Mary Williams.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The Sunshine gift was won by Florene Phipps.