Beware! Being in debt is no fun for anybody.

If you do not have the money

to pay for credit cards interest

and bills, do not get a credit card!

Being in debt with creditors is no fun for anybody!

It is better to pay for things

by cash or debit cards, and pay your

bills on time.

Still have to be careful with

debit cards and credit cards,

because somebody (people) can steal

your identity, and charge things to your credit cards!

Please be careful with credit cards,

it can get you into serious trouble with creditors and debt


Nobody wants to be

in debt for the rest

of their life:

Because they have

a family to take

care of.

Please take the time to

budget your money and


That way you will know where

every penny, nickel, dime,

quarter, and dollar is being


Then you will not be in debt!