Don’t leave this life without Him,

He Who died to set you free,

A soul apart from God’s great Love,

Lost for all Eternity.

Don’t leave this life without Him,

He, Whose touch can make you whole

For what profit to gain the whole world,

And lose your own soul?

For if you leave this life without Him,

How tragic that will be,

There is no guarantee of tomorrow,

Nor of another opportunity.

Listen as He knocks at your heart’s door,

And invite Him in,

Just don’t leave this life without Him,

Whatever you do, "my friend."

Each day a gift — how true the statement;

Life is precious it’s God who gave it.

When we devalue it, on our will bent;

We find ourselves in an awesome pit.

I heard the statement, "Each day a gift,"

Uttered by a World War II soldier up in years.

Battered and worn — at times, mind adrift,

Reliving the scenes and fears — Iwo Jima tears.

Thankful, but feeling some guilt — he didn’t die,

While so many around him didn’t make it.

According to the troops engaged, only a few survived.

Ready or not, were hurled into eternity... their Maker to meet.

Without thinking... Oh, so many days we do waste;

Failing to confront rebellious, careless living face to face

So many heartaches caused by all our haste;

Not enjoying the good things in life — too fast a pace!

The thing (if it isn’t already so) we ought to do,

Is pray... God help us be of the mind,

Thankful for blessings — that be our view:

Each day a gift — as the old soldier I heard that time.

Everybody’s life touches

somebody’s life everyday.

Whether it be good or bad

it will make an influence

on somebody’s life.

People are watching everything

that people say and do in life.

The things that people say and do

may help a person with their life.

Everybody needs help in life

with words of encouragement,

advice, prayer and finance (money).

People have basketball players,

football players, Gospel music

singers, movie stars, and many other

people that they want to be like

and look up to for advice.

Let us let our life be a

good influence to somebody’s life.

Their life can be a good influence

to somebody’s life too.