Rain wasn’t even in the forecast,

But, it came on down anyway,

For it was the "direct answer" to my petition to God,

For it’s always best to just pray.

That’s how our forefathers did it,

When their crops were failing fast,

They prayed mightily for rain,

And God gave them what they asked.

There is a story about a woman,

Who went to "prayer meeting" to pray for rain,

She brought along her "umbrella,"

For her faith was evident and plain.

So we need beseech the Almighty,

And depend solely upon Him,

And pray for the rain we need,

And that this drought will come to an end.

The newscasters don’t always know about the weather,

For the meteorologists don’t have the final say,

For if we’re seeking relief from this extreme "dry spell" we face,

We need to "just pray."

Reach for the prize,

Speak up, speak out, be bold,

Run with patience the race of life,

"Go for the gold!"

Run with all your heart.

Let the root of faith take hold,

Persevere — don’t give up,

"Go for the gold!"

For there is a crown awaiting,

Which shall never fade away,

Promised to those who love Jesus,

Given at the end of life’s way.

So ever onward and upward,

Never sound retreat,

March forward into life’s battles,

For the victory will be sweet.

Value friends and family,

Seek to win lost souls,

Make sure each person you meet

Is safely within God’s fold.

Live it all for Christ,

For your labor is not in vain,

Be clothed with the Christian armor,

So run that you may attain!

Then when we come to the end of the journey,

When life’s tale is told,

And it’s time to go to Heaven’s home —

We will have "won the gold!"

We each need search our heart ... God does;

Pray and ask forgiveness ...

Nothing hidden from Him can be;

His All-Seeing Eye does see.

We may fool others for a time;

God’s never fooled at all...

Best confess sin to God we find;

Than on Him not to call.

God is due ... and requires our best;

As He looks in each heart ...

Only His truth wilt stand the test;

BIBLE’S ... the place to start.