Charity begins at home — so many times we

hear them say —

Excuses won’t fill the cup or the hungry feed.

If we care nothing for our own — there’s

no need for us to pray.

We’re worse than an infidel in the Bible

we can read ...

Better be kind at home — than pretending to worship,

burning incense far away.

Then neglect to provide — for those God

has given us ... with deeds.

That IS "his haircut" said a newscaster,

Speaking of the Mayor of London’s long "bowl" haircut!

But, if Mitt Romney had said it,

Everyone would have said "he was a nut."

Then at the opening ceremony of the Olympics —

At the close of the health care skit, one said the illusion "baby" was

"cute," "creepy," then "big"

I’m so glad those comments

Didn’t come from Mitt!

Other dignitaries have left notes at the Wailing Wall,

But I predict Mitt Romney’s note will make headlines soon someday,

Seems he gets no breaks a’tall-

At whatever he attempts to say.

He might as well stir up a ruckus,

And just start "raising cain,"

For whether he says it or not,

It is misconstrued, and he gets the blame!

I’ve never known anyone to receive such criticism,

IT seems he can hardly breathe or move,

"Mitt Romney said it," "Mitt Romney said it,"

Much like a "record stuck in a groove."

If someone else makes the mistake,

It seems they never go "under fire,"

But, if Mitt Romney says it,

The situation suddenly turns quite dire.

Just look around and listen,

And you’ll see what I’m saying is true,

Because if Mitt Romney said it,

He’s accused of not being "true-blue."

Fair reporting is what we seek,

Unbiased, with just the facts,

But if Mitt Romney says it, you can be sure,

That he will get all the flak.

Before long America

Will come up with the proverbial chain.

"We can say it — we can say it,

But, Mitt Romney can’t!"

It does my heart good,

To see Old Glory flying high.

For it seems its stars and stripes,

Stretch far into the sky.

It is "freedom" waving in the breeze,

And my heart is filled with patriotic pride,

For it symbolizes our sweet liberty,

And the good men who were willing to die.

So let’s not take our freedom for granted,

But, rather let us pray we stay this way,

That we’ll always be able to call America,

Home, to the free and the brave.

Oh, it does my heart good,

To see Old Glory flying high,

For that flag bespeaks untold volumes,

Of love, toil and sacrifice.