The price war which was waged in the cream market at Conway and sent cream prices to 52 cents a pound, almost double the normal price, has apparently ended and the market was reported steady, with all buyers paying 33 cents today, a price which has prevailed for the past several days. This, however, was said to be about four cents a pound over the price justified by the big city markets.

Miss Carolyn Murlene Hester, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. James C. Hester of San Antonio, Texas, became the bride of Boyd Carlton Hancock Jr., a son of the Rev. and Mrs. Boyd C. Hancock of Conway on Saturday, Aug. 19. The Rev. Mr. Hester and the Rev. Mr. Hancock officiated at the evening ceremony in East Terrell Hills Church of the Nazarene in San Antonio.

A reception was held in the home of the bride’s parents following the ceremony.

Rick Field, 45, of Conway has become the first Arkansan to win a national masters swimming title. Field won the 100-meter breaststroke (1:18.29) in the 45-49 division at the United States Masters National Championships near Houston. Field was second in the 50- and 200-meter breaststroke and joined three other Arkansans in placing seventh in the 200-meter relay. Marvin Schwartz, 38, of Conway, was sixth in the 400-meter freestyle, fifth in the 1,500-meter freestyle, eighth in the 200-meter freestyle and was on the 200-meter relay team.

Jean Stapleton has completed 25 years of service at the Conway Human Development Center. She is a custodial worker on the Intensive Training Team.