The Rev. U.D. Dibble has tendered his resignation to the congregation of the First Nazarene Church as pastor, and with his family he will leave Sept. 7 for Tulsa, Okla., where he has accepted the pastorate of the First Nazarene Church in that city. The Rev. Dibble has served as pastor of the Conway church for over two years and much regret is expressed over his leaving. A new pastor has not been chosen.

A whiteface calf with a bushy tail and eyeless was born to a Jersey calf here Tuesday night.

The mother cow is owned by Lonnie Perkins, who lives in the southern part of Conway.

The calf has eye sockets, but no eyes.

It was not reported whether the animal is a male or female.

Toby Hart of Conway recently announced she has opened a new business, Miss Toby’s School of Dance, at Laurel Plaza.

Miss Hart, 25, a lifelong resident of Conway, said she currently is enrolling students, and classes will start Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The school offers classes in ballet, tap, country-and-western and jazz dance, acrobatics, aerobics, cheerleading and pageant preparation.

Guy Mayor Floyd Wiedower has announced he will not seek re-election.

Wiedower, 60, said Thursday that he is no longer able to juggle the duties of mayor and general manager of the Arkansas Dairy Cooperative Association in Damascus.

He was appointed mayor in 1999 after serving four years as an alderman.

Wiedower called a special meeting Wednesday night to inform the council that he would not run for re-election for 2003.